Diwali Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Design

To make such a bright and colorful Sanskar Bharti Rangoli,
  1. Using a chalk draw a hexagon.
  2. Then draw 6 semi circles at each of the corners.
  3. Draw small 6 circles in between the semi circles.
  4. Fill the hexagon and circles with bright colors.
  5. Then make traditional sanskar bharti motifs with white rangoli.Below are close ups of the above Rangoli design.


Samantha said...

Beautiful Rangoli....Happy Diwali 2012 to everyone :)

Brian White said...

Indian culture is really rich, which made me hooked up with its festival and celebrations. I must say that these beautiful rangoli designs and happy people made me truly captivated.

Rudraksha M said...

Very Nice Rangoli Designs.

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