Rangoli Tips and Tricks

  1. While drawing circles, tie thread to a chalk. Then hold the free end of thread with left hand’s index finger tip and draw a circle holding the chalk in right hand.
  2. Use a Sieve/Strainer to fill colors. This makes the color filing very fast.
  3. To make a matrix of dots, mark equidistant points on a paper. Then with a incense/agarbatti stick make holes on that particular point. Make sure to make holes of somewhat same size.
  4. Make white outlines to enhance the rangoli after filling colors.
  5. If you want to give a light tone to the color, mix it with white plain rangoli.
  6. Always use dark colors alongside the light ones.
  7. To make an attractive color scheme, choose pairs of opposite colors:
    Red & Green,
    Black & White,
    Violet & Yellow,
    Orange & Blue,
    Red & Yellow,
    Yellow & Green,
    Orange & Yellow,
    Blue & Yellow, etc.
  8. The rangoli colors available in the market are sticky and cannot be sprinkled or taken in the pinch. To make them free-flowing mix colors with white rangoli powder.


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